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I've gathered a few images and special items on this page for your enjoyment

Still Images:

What's the difference between a photograph and an image? A photo is just what the camera recorded when the shutter was released, maybe with some slight adjustments to brightness, contrast and croping. An image has those adjustments but also may incorporate other post production techniques. Compositing combines elements of other images, color manipulations (also known as grading), noise reduction, sharpening, focus correction, vinetting or other creative measures.
My sweet bride believes that if it's not right out of the camera - it's not real. I know other photographers feel the same. I'm a technical guy and like the post production products.

Here are a few still images:
Night Dock NightDock: Hoods Canal, WA.
The London EyeThe London Eye
Bridge Of the GodsBridge of the Gods- Cascade Locks, OR.
Japanese GardensJapanese Gardens- Portland OR.
Island in the FogIslands in the fog- Anacortes, WA.
Bridge at Latourell FallsBridge at Latourell Falls, OR.
Crown PointCrown Point OR.
Boat on LakeA boat on the Lake. Somewhere in the Canadian Rockies
Train Tressle CA RockiesBridge- somewhere in the Canadian Rockies
Bridge LondonLondon Bridge
The PrideThe Pride. Portland Zoo
Hide N SeekHide N Seek. Ungar Farms Cornelius, OR
Devil's gateDevil's Gate: Canadian Rockies
Rusty BridgeRusty Bridge: Canadian Rockies
Lauren SchenkLauren Schenk: King's Chaple London
Kurt GallantThis fine man is my youngest son.
Through The WindowHappy Hour at Kylos's Lincoln City
SunsetLincolnCity1Sunset #1 Lincoln City
SunsetLincolnCity2Sunset #2 Lincoln City
CoupleOnTheBeachCouple on The Beach
BoilerBay1BoilerBay #1
BoilerBay2BoilerBay #2
BoilerBay3BoilerBay #3
BoilerBay4BoilerBay #4
PeterIredaleSunset1Wreck of the Peter Iredale 1
PeterIredaleSunset2Wreck of the Peter Iredale 2
PeterIredaleSunset3Wreck of the Peter Iredale 3

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I have links to some of the videos I've posted on my YOUTUBE channel:

  • Great Ocean Road Part of our trip to Austrailia in June of 2019 The Great Ocean Road is a costal highway and was a conservation project after the war.
  • Brunny Island Another day trip in Austrailia, on Tazmania
  • The Great Divide Sounds like another travel log doesn't it? Not at all. In fact I have to issue this warning: It is a cartoon production Political Satire that is unkind to the Socialistic Democratic Party and a put down of the Green New Deal. If you might be triggered... Don't watch!
  • We Believe Catechism Series This is a long video (almost 60 Minutes), one of a series I am recording for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Aloha, OR. While you are certainly welcome to watch the whole thing, after the opening prayers is the "talking head" type of production.

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Some Odds N Ends:

In this section I have some links to some special productions and photography stuff.

  • The Garden Project This project highlights my friend's expansive garden with wide panoramas and Virtual Tours. VT's utilize Spherical Projections that you can "mouse about" turning for a full 360 degree view from each vantage point with hot spots to go to the cener of the next sphere
  • Hot Day In Portland As the name says "Audio/Video". This is a mix I had the priviledge to do for my freinds Renee and Hugo before she lost her battle to cancer. Hugo developed the music and we recorded Renee in thier home. It's a fun playfull number.

720 or Spherical Projection is a facinating and sometimes frustrating photography technique. The Garden Project virtual tour stuff mentioned above was done some time ago with a lighter weight camera. Today my cameras and lenses are much heavier, so I did upgrade to a new 720 Pan head tripod mount. A new toy to experiment with and attempt mastery of. The new head has stronger detents in the vertical swing arm at 30degree intervals. They help hold the weigh/length of the camera position but at 30degrees limits the lens selection. I've been using an 11mm (about 16mm with crop factor) but I'd like more overlap to make the stitching process easier. The goal is to learn to and create HDRI (spherical projections in Hi Dynamic Range), right now I'm happy just getting decent 720's.
This example (a virtual tour) is in St. Joseph's Medow at the Our Lady Of Peace Retreat Center, Beaverton OR. It's not a perfect example, but a worth while exercise:St. Josheph's Medow It take a little bit of time to load and will come up as Black and white, when it colorizes then it's ready to mouse about.

So, what rekindled the interest in 720's?
I also enjoy fooling around with 3D modeling. I use BLENDER. Its written in Python, very powerful, very flexible, and pretty easy to work with. And it's FREE! One of the training tutorials is to build a model of a very early steam engine locomotive, and then to animate it. In the process I've learned that HDRI images can be used as the "world environment" instead of just background images, and they affect the scene lighting very nicely. Keep in mind that the 720 of St. Joe's Medow is a learning exercise and so is the model, but here's the Rocket in the Medow (20 second Video) The Rocket

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