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St. Michael’s Armory Audio Video Studio (SMA) was originally developed in the mid 1980’s to produce audio cd’s of religious material for the vision impaired. The offerings were sets of Novena’s and other such material and out of the need to assist my wife (vision impaired). The CD’s were offered to the patrons of Our Lady Of Peace Retreat through their gift shop.

The origin of name is the thought that St, Michael, The Defender, needs tools and weapons of faith to combat the eternal foe. Where are an army’s weapons and tools kept? In an armory.

The project continued to develop into still photography and video productions primarily of retreats and lecture series of the Retreat’s Summer Institution presentations. The products were released through the gift shop.

As times have changed, the audio and video products from the Retreat has slipped in popularity. SMA had expanded into producing audio and video products such as interviews, web advertisements and religious events like receiving the Sacraments of 1st Communion, Confirmation, Ordination and Funeral Mass and things like dedications and processions.

No one’s going on vacation from the thin proceeds of those endeavors.

Today, as the primary photographer, videographer, and recording engineer is ready to retire from a career in high tech, we feel it’s time to explore the professional side of these skills.

SMA is ready to assist you with your audio, video and photographic needs by bringing 30 some years of production experience and accumulation of pro level tools to the party.

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Strange Email Address: The email address is a composite of the three business segments:

OPS: Oppor-TUNE-ist Piano Service. The eldest business segment. Piano Tuning and Repair. I love this job! Today rebuilds are almost cost prohibitive when a new Asian instrument can be purchased for even maybe less than a rebuild. Too bad, The old instruments when rebuilt are still of significantly better quality then the inexpensive Korean or Chinese makes.

GP: Originally Gallant Productions. The production side of the audio video work. Someone else has registered the name, so now it’s Gallant Images.

SMA: St. Michael’s Armory. The audio video studio part of the business

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The best way to satisfy the client is to communicate. What does the client need and want. Ensure we (the client and the production staff) are clearly on the same page with the same expectations to be successful. Is the price right for the deliverable. Those are the thoughts driving the business part of the assignment.

Am I THE BEST? Not yet. But I don’t cost as much as the best either. Maybe I can change this statement by next year.

I strive to have really good audio to accompany any video. Poor audio just simply compromises any video regardless of the video quality.

I like to do live, small venue special events with multiple cameras and sound recorders to ensure good coverage for video. I like the challenges some of the technical photography brings in to play.

I really enjoy what I do in Photography, Videography and Audio.

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Most of my equipment is consumer grade electronics. The two camera bodies are “start up “ pro. I have several dynamic and several Capacitive mics, several of those are studio grade.

2 Sony HD Camcorders
6 Kodak 1080 small Video recorders
4 GoPro cameras with single and stereo housings
2 Sony A77 Mk II camera bodies with a variety of lenses
Korg D888 8 channel digital recording station
H6 6 channel Audio Recorder
H4N 4 track Audio Recorder
Flash units,

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