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The Audio Studio

Like the photography and videography, there is no physical studio. It's my home office with the computer.

Pro Audio Equipment - on the move!

Supplied Audio:

I used an older H4 digital recorder to capture both the English and Spanish services at my parish. The church has been upgraded to live stream and I no longer do this recordings.

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Recording and Mixing Engineer:

"Hot Day in Portland" is a fun bit of music about our fair city of Portland Oregon in the Summer.

Lyrics by Jill Khovy, Music by Hugo Schultz, Performed by Renee Kimball.
I recorded Renee in her living room with a KORG D888 and RHODES 2000 Studio mic.

This snippet is just the chorus as the song has not been as Renee lost her battle with cancer before it was released, but it demonstrates matching the reverb to Hugo's midi orchestration and the application of a chorus effect. Enjoy the sample

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