Super Moon August 30, 2023

August 30 2023 was both a "Blue" and a "Super" moon.
Blue is the 2nd Full moon in a month, or the 4th full moon in a season. Either way the next one is August 19 2024.
Super is a full moon at or near perigee (closet tp the earth) and will occure again in 2037. 35 years! At the age of 74 it is unlikely I'll see that one from earth!

Pat Hamilton and I went to the Waterfront Park in Washugal, WA. that has a nice view of Mt. Hood. We knew the weather was going to be a bit shaky, but what the heck.
Even with the clouds we were blessed with a beautiful moon. As it rose it lit some of the clouds from below, from the back with some nice occulation as well. It silouetted Mt. Hood nicely.
My plan was to shoot a time lapse sequence. I had an appliction on my phone to control my sony A77 ii and had one opportunity to do a training session tracking the not moving very much clouds. Ok, time for the shoot: The application took more control of the camera than just the shutter release and since it was dark, decided to turn on the fill flash! Kill it Quick!!! other photographers there didn'e wamt to see flashes!!!.
Drop to plan B: just shoot stills. I had one camera with a 55-200mm lens, the other with the 70-300MM. I left both framed for the Sequence (a wider view to capture the movement over a 30 minute time.)
So here's what I was able to salvage from the evening with some post processing in Photoshop and Luminar Neo: