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This is the new home to St. Michael's Armory Audio Video Studio and Gallant Images.

St. Michael's Armory (SMA) is a production service for small venue-special events audio and video projects.
Training sessions, Meetings, Advertising, Family events, Demos and many more projects are possible.
What do you need Produced?

Gallant Images is the Still photography part.

Call Mark @ 503 642 1883 or Email

In the meantime...:

While this site is being constructed check out these sample videos:

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel St.Michael's Armory Audio-Video Studio for other videos when they're added.
Also check out the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Aloha) Parish channel on YouTube SEAS-Aloha for videos produced for the parish.

You can find me on FACEBOOK page St. Michael's Armory Audio Video Studio

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